Dan Lauwers for State Senate

On the Issues

Auto Insurance Rates

For too long Michigan drivers have been subjected to the highest auto insurance rates in the nation. Dan is committed to fixing this broken system by supporting reforms that allow people to choose what coverage works best for them and what they can afford. By offering more coverage options, reigning in medical costs, and fighting fraud and abuse, Michigan motorists will be able to keep more of what they earn.

Simplifying Government

We need and deserve the best customer service when doing business with the state. Dan will continue to bring about change in an area that often delays or prevents people from getting things done.

Protecting Our Values

As an avid hunter and firearm owner, Dan is strongly supportive and protective of our 2nd Amendment rights. Dan will stand firm to uphold the state's constitution and our rights as citizens. Dan is also a firm believer in the sacredness of life at conception. His legislative record and repeated endorsements by Michigan Right to Life reflect this.


Creating Career Opportunities

With the growing demand for technical and skilled trades professionals, Dan knows the importance of connecting students and workers to a wide variety of career options. Increasing emphasis on skilled trades in classrooms, promoting job training, and offering increased opportunities for workers to gain the skills needed for sustained success will help bring about great economic and community benefits.

Our Honored Veterans

For Dan and his family, honoring the brave men and women who have unselfishly served our country is personal. Our soldiers and veterans serve us with honor, and Dan believes they deserve to be properly honored for their service. 

Dan will continue to fight to provide Michigan's veterans with benefits and conveniently located services.

Eliminate Bureaucratic Red Tape

As a former business owner, Dan knows firsthand how to create jobs, build a successful hometown business, and the impact that tax and regulatory issues have not only on small businesses themselves, but on their employees and the community.